Are you interested in buying a face mask?  Have you recently purchased one and have a question about the masks?  Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below for a quick answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your masks compare to medical grade masks? 

These are not certified N95 but are as close to that protection level as we can produce, in short order. On average, medical mask ALTERNATIVES are between 50-80% as effective, depending on the components used, with woven cotton NOT recommended by wear-trial facilitators and material scientists.

What is a non-woven filter/liner and why do I need one? 

The non-woven, antimicrobial liner adds an additional layer of safety and are made of fabrics from the same family of components used in certified masks.  

Dispose of liner after 6-8 hours of wear and replace with new liner. 



What’s the difference between LDM masks and cotton masks?

Our masks are made using two dense layers of breathable, water repellant scuba (lightweight neoprene) fabric.  Woven cotton is NOT recommended by wear-trial experts and material scientists for face masks, due to their high level of permeability.

Once a droplet of moisture permeates the mask (referred to as "strike-through") the mask is no longer effective, and it has become a conduit for infected cells.  This is why moisture-repellent fabrics are more effective at blocking, both incoming and outgoing droplets, and for a longer period of time.


I've ordered for a second time and the strap material is different than the first time I ordered. Why is that?

The straps are made using a variety of findings.  There is a worldwide shortage of elastic and we have exhausted 5 different types from different suppliers.  As the supply chain catches up, we may see more options become available.  All competitor’s head strap masks that we have seen (now and pre-Covid) use only cloth ties or ribbon – not elastic.

We will be offering many of our mask options with ribbon in the future because:

  • It is readily available in high quality.
  • Elastic is no longer guaranteed to be of high quality as suppliers are now shipping their oldest stock and some has become “tender” (brittle and stiff).
  • Ours are some of the only masks that we are aware of that actually stretch, whereas most masks do not, and therefore require elastic for better fit.
  • Ribbon doesn’t damage hair or roll down, like elastic can.
  • When adjusted properly, it is far more comfortable. (All of our team members have traded their elastic for ribbon.)


How can I purchase a mask and liners?

You can purchase a mask and liners online at


I’m a local client, can I come pick them up at your studio? 

Yes!  We are now offering PICKUP SERVICE at our studio in Falmouth, NS.  (Further instructions are provided at checkout.)


What are the safety precautions you and your staff are taking?

Our staff are taking every precaution possible throughout all stages of production, processing and shipping.  We practice physical distancing at our studio, have a hand-washing sink and are packaging the masks in-house to avoid any further contact with the outside.  

Can I make a special order for bulk orders?  

Yes!  In recent weeks, we have overcome many supply-chain hurdles, and are now able to negotiate on volume orders. 

Do you make children’s sizes?

Yes! We currently offer our NEON print in a child's size. Our adult masks are adjustable and feature a toggle at the back for tightening and loosening.  

I placed an order, but I’d like to change it now.  Can I do that?

Whether you’re looking to add to an order, change an order, or combine orders, call us at 902.798.0050 to discuss with one of our associates. As long as you have not yet received your fulfillment notification, there is an opportunity to make changes.

I placed my order over a week ago and still haven’t received it.  When will my order be shipped?

Turnaround time is fluctuating at the moment due to the sheer number of orders we are processing, but you should receive your fulfilment notification within 1-2 weeks.  We’re currently manufacturing, processing and shipping up to 1000 orders a day. Unfortunately, Canada Post is experiencing unprecedented volumes and delivery times may be varied and/or lengthy.  

You’ve sold out of something I’d like to order online - will it be available again?

Filters / Liners - As long as we sell masks, we will be selling the filters / liners to go with them.  However, due to an influx of orders, we sometimes run out of our current stock of fabric before we’re able to order more.  If these are sold out online, just check back in a couple of days and we should have them back up.